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“Breakfast At The Beach”   Saturday 6 – 9 AM   (Live) 


Growing up in Dallas NC on a farm made me appreciate hard work and commitment which I have used in my career and as a DJ.  I came to love music as a kid listening to BIG Ways Radio.  After high school I went into the US Air Force.  Sunday Night at the Beach with Randy Rowland became my introduction to beach music, we started shagging and attending SOS.  I came to know Dick Hamrick who asked me to fill in for him and my DJ life began.  Over the years, many great DJs have mentored and supported me but Kyle Beam has been the one who has given me the advice and knowledge to advance as a DJ to where I am today.  I have played at SOS in all of the clubs at OD and call it a privilege to have played at the PAD the last weekend before it was torn down.  I joined the Beach DJ Association in 2007 and have met a vast amount of great DJ’s and people over the years.  Being a radio DJ at 91.7 FM for many years as the host of the “Breakfast at the Beach Show” every Saturday morning at 6am coined the nickname Kyle Beam gave and the beach & shag world was introduced to 6amTim.  One of the best events of DJing was for Joe Brown at “Shagging on the Seas” shag cruises for many years where I met a lot of people who have become wonderful friends and traveled to a lot of fantastic places.  Lynn’s Dance Club in Charlotte has become home to me and to Tom Bare for his friendship over the years to be able to play this great music to so many wonderful people.  Thanks to all of the shag clubs who have invited me to play for many years all over North and South Carolina.  I look forward to Jukin’ Oldies, the comradery of the Jukin’’ DJ’s and meeting many more friends through some of the greatest music of all times.


Jukin Oldies is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the music most of us have forgotten. We are here to play the music you always wanted to hear but were afraid to ask.

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Jukin Oldies © 2024. All rights reserved 2024.

Jukin Oldies © 2024. All rights reserved 2024.