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Hi everyone, my interest in music first started around the time I was becoming a teenager in the mid-1970s and over here in the UK at that time there was a big 1950s music revival taking place, modern bands were starting to cover old songs by Curtis Lee like his Under The Moon Of Love, Gene Chandlers’ Duke Of Earl, The Edsels’ Rama Lama Ding Dong and The Rays’ Daddy Cool plus many more started appearing in the UK pop music charts back then, this was the start of my love affair with 1950s American music.

Around the same time I inherited my parents old record collection from the 1950s which included many Rock’N’Roll classics by Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Bill Haley, Elvis etc, this plus my growing interest in all things 1950s prompted me to join the UK rockin’ scene in 1978 and I started to attend local R’N’R clubs and making friends with like-minded people and dressing the style of the period too complete with a Ducktail hairstyle, because of this I’m proud to say I as there at the start of the UK Rockabilly Revival has it is now documented and called over here. In 1983 I started to DJ around my home city of Nottingham at the local clubs but in 1985 i moved away to the south-coast town of Bournemouth where I still live today. Over the last 30+ years I have run several rockin’ clubs myself and DJ’d at clubs and weekenders all over the UK including the biggest 1950s music festivals which include Hemsby, The Rockabilly Rave & The Rhythm Riot to name but a few, also 1950s music festivals in Italy @ the Summer Jamboree & the Get Rhythm, in Spain @ the Screamin’, the Rockin’ Race & the High Rockabilly, in Germany @ the Berlin Shake, in Belgium @ Rockin’ Around Turnhout plus others in Finland & France too. In 2006 I joined Forest FM and started presenting my weekly ‘Wednesday Night Rockin’ Party’ radio show on East Dorset’s Forest FM 92.3 and on WWW.FORESTFM.CO.UK between 20.00 – 22.00 (uk time) spinnin’ the current hot rockin’ club classics, forgotten gems and the latest new releases from the hottest bands from around the Planet and at least once a month I have a ‘live’ band or a guest DJ come into the studio to promote themselves. Now you can listen to the Wednesday night ‘live’ show, on Jukin’ Oldies Internet Radio at 9pm, eastern standard time.



Jukin Oldies is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the music most of us have forgotten. We are here to play the music you always wanted to hear but were afraid to ask.

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Jukin Oldies © 2024. All rights reserved 2024.

Jukin Oldies © 2024. All rights reserved 2024.