I have been in the music business as an entertainer, song writer, recording artist for over 50 years. I have performed with some of my favorite all time performers i.e.; Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Temptations, Four Tops, James Brown, Harvey Fuqua, Drifters, Eddie Holman, Tymes and the list goes on. I have been on radio for about 25 years…WWSW, WZUM, WJAS in Pittsburgh, KDKA Talk Radio in Pittsburgh and of coarse several years on the Carolina Breeze. Although I like a lot of music my favorite sounds are the soul sounds of the early to late 60’s and the R&B they learned from.

My interest in music began at an early age. Growing up in Raleigh, NC, we were lucky to have stations such as WKIX and WYNA. They flooded the airwaves with soul and local music. I used to go to Arlens and buy a grab bag of records for 5 bucks. I think you would get 10 45’s. That was around 1965. Since then I have collected almost continuously. My favorite music being Jump Blues from the 50’s and 60’s Northern Soul. I have been a club DJ for 31 years, having spent the majority of those at DUCK’s in Ocean Drive, SC. I am one of 13 founding members of the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJ’s. I have served as President 8 times and I have served as a board member the other years. I was inducted into the Beach DJ Hall of Fame in 1995. I have Co-Chaired DJ Throwdown, held every year at Ducks Beach Club and received a CMBA award in 2013 for promoting local beach music. I hope you enjoy both of my shows. Cat Scratchin’ which emphasizes Jump Blues , both single artists as well as Group Vocal and The Northern Side of Soul which chisels out the popcorn side of Northern Soul.

Growing up in the Piedmont of North Carolina as a young teenager, it was the Rhythmic sounds of the early sixties R&B that captured Kyle’s heart and soul. In his hometown of Cherryville, Kyle, like almost every other kid in the neighborhood, tried his hand playing guitar and singing with several small bands but gave that dream up early on. It was with awe that he watched other local bands like the Shakers, The Catalina’s , The Attractions and others. At some point we called them “Beach Bands” Kyle was part of a new culture emerging in the Carolina’s where they claimed national tunes, performed by national artist as their own music, Carolina Beach Music. Places like “The Cellar”, “Park Center” and “The Purple Penguin” were local venues hosting local Beach Bands as well as some National Artist that solidified a love and passion of this music in his soul.

In 2002 after marrying in 1969, raising and educating two boys, Kyle had the opportunity to do his own Beach Show at WSGE 91.7 in Dallas, N.C. Starting with just a couple hours on Saturday afternoon quickly evolved into a 4 hour Friday night show that played a major role in the revival of Beach Music in the Charlotte area . Kyle’s passion to preserve the music he loved and his quest to revive the music, served his show with the name of “The Friday Night Beach Music Revival” At some point his wife Jan commented on his “On Air” enthusiasm, that he should be called “The Right Reverend of Beach Music”. The moniker stuck and today this show continues to air live on 91.7 every Friday Night. The show is now streamed live world wide from the studio.

For the past 5 years Kyle has hosted his radio show, produced a 24/7 show online with Live 365. He has written numerous articles for several Beach Music publications and contributed to several published charts. He has been the host for Beach Band Performances in the Carolinas and was recently nominated in Gaston County for “Volunteer of The Year” due to his efforts and volunteer work at WSGE which is a public radio station.

He has been most influenced in radio by John “Fessa” Hook as he called him for many years, The Voice of Beach Music.

Kyle also decided in 2002 to become a Beach and Shag mobile DJ. Since then he has played numerous Annual parties for different Shag Clubs in the Southeast as well as monthly parties locally in the Charlotte area. He has played all of the Commercial Shag venues in Charlotte as well as most all of the clubs during SOS at Ocean Drive, SC


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